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Movie Room

This is our new movie room rug. I decided to go colorful in this room. The hues of blues, salmon color, eggplant color, and beige compliment the cocoa leather sofa. I’m having a custom piece of abstract art made to hang above the sofa. I ordered different textures of beige pillow covers from Etsy and got the fluffy pillow inserts from Amazon. I chose the neutral beige color to let the rug stand out as the focal point of the room. On my coffee table I placed a gold circular tray on the table and decorated it with an earth tone vase with three eucalyptus stems, three different sizes of cream colored decorative books, and a candle. The accent table is called a hunting table that my husband built. I placed an Uttermost lamp, a large worn blue bowl in the center and a framed picture of our kids on the hunting table. Downstairs I’ve decorated light and airy. The movie room is upstairs so you can decorate with a different look. This room looks cozy and ready to watch a movie with a big bowl of popcorn.


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