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Jackson’s Freshman Dorm

Yesterday was a huge day in the Davis household. Our son Jackson moved into his Freshman dorm at UT Austin. Once he was accepted of course I said Jackson I can help with your dorm. He replied Mom I want my dorm to be minimalist and I want to do it all. I said ok. Friends he chose everything, helped pay with some of his graduation money, and set it all up yesterday. He told me he wanted a grey quilt and he wanted to use a section of our older modular sofa. He ordered many things from Amazon. Also we went to Target to look for a masculine and no patterned rug. I was showing him some with grey tones and he replied Mom I want to have some color to my room. He saw the rug that is pictured below And he said that’s it Mom. The rug is cool and sleek. I like the deep forest green ombré shade to it. He also wanted a comfortable lumbar pillow for his bed. He chose the Bombay leather colored pillow. The small additions of incorporating the colors: deep forest green and Bombay added interest and depth to his dorm. We found the inexpensive art at the At Home store. He told me he wanted an architectural piece and a city scene. He knew immediately when he saw the two art pieces that they were the ones he wanted to hang in his room. Jackson had a well thought out efficient plan and he hit a home run. We know without a doubt he will be a fine architect and he is ready to fly high.


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