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It’s a small World

Good morning my husband and I have been on a lovely get away to Colorado Springs and have been blessed to stay at the @Broadmoor Hotel thanks to my husband’s business. Yesterday morning my husband had early breakfast meeting so I had the morning all to myself. I went to Cafe Julie’s and ordered a delicious small caramel hot latte to enjoy in this European inspired coffee shop. I sat at a table and noticed a lady was sitting alone beside me and we began to chat. She and her family were originally from South Africa and now they live in Denver. The conversation was delightful. She has a lovely accent and I learned a lot about a place I’ve never been to. We exchanged business cards and she has just opened her shop selling Christian writing cards. As I continued to walk around this majestic property I continued to meet people from all over the world; a kind lady from Asia, a fun lady from Louisiana who was there with her golf pro husband and they have been married 63 years, a fun retired couple from California where now they spend there time driving fast cars around the nation, and my husband and I met an inspiring 72 year old lady who is Native American. She was lovely from the inside out and had a peace about her that was refreshing. It is true it is a small World after all if we just open our hearts and listen. The pictures below are snapshots of this Historic European Hotel inspired with Western style that is surrounded by the spectacular Rocky Mountains. If you have ever been to the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina surrounded by the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains then this place will remind you of the same era just in a different setting. This trip has been breathtakingly beautiful.


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