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Hannah’s Pearl Pink Bedroom

This is my oldest daughter Hannah’s Pearl Pink bedroom. She is a Senior at Baylor doing her student teaching in the 4th grade classroom all year. Hannah has always been a gracious girl throughout her childhood. One of my most favorite bedrooms she had was in our home in Birmingham, Alabama. For her 9th birthday I surprised her with a new themed room reveal. My sweet mama was also there to see her reaction. The room was a Paris Boutique and of course the walls were pink. Building our home those fond memories came to mind and I thought I’ll incorporate a soft pink when decorating her room. Hannah loves her new room and told me it is pretty and peaceful. A helpful hint when purchasing bedding for a bedroom especially a girl’s bedroom is start with a neutral base color for your bed wether it be a quilt or comforter. Then you add your accent colors in decorative pillows, rug ,art, and decor. You will be surprised how much your accent colors stand out but in a sophisticated complimentary way. I’m pleased with the outcome of Hannah’s pearl pink bedroom.


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