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Autumn has arrived inside our new home. Although Austin does not feel like Fall outside; it is September. Autumn is my most favorite season just like my Mama. I love the coolness in the morning air. I love how the sunlight shines subduedly through the colorful changing leaves. I love how people seem to be kinder and have a smile on their faces. I love the coziness of sweaters and anything pumpkin spice. I love the thought of a new season to harmonize with nature and be reminded that the fall leaves teaches us how lovely it is to let things go. Last year preparing for the move I donated many decorative items. My husband pointed out my love for pumpkins so as I was decorating yesterday I was glad that the pumpkins I have now are fewer and are perfect for my spaces. I started decorating first outside on our front porch to welcome the autumn season in our home. Adding some golden yellow planted flowers to some of my pots is my greeting to Fall. Opening the front glass double doors you see my traditional warm orange mums in my versatile planter. Once you enter our dining room you see my glass pumpkins that I got from Target a couple of fall seasons ago along with my favorite flameless battery operated ivory candles. In the kitchen I placed colorful small pumpkins that I got for a dollar each at target last year and pumpkin spiced scented pine cones in my dough bowl. For my kitchen table I rearranged my greenery bowl and added some soft colored sunflowers and harvest orange magnolia flower sprigs to be our fall centerpiece especially for family dinners. On my coffee table I placed decorative white and gold books and topped the books with my new jewel toned velvet pumpkins along with my pretty vase filled with transitional greenery. Now our home is filled with Autumn glow.


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